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Level Box
Level Box

The Level box provides relative and absolute measurements as well as zero setting to any position. Large LCD is convenient to read. Small and light, it is real easy to be carried and used. Measuring plane contains disk magnet which can be attached to the surface to be measured. It is especially easy to measure the pitch of helicopter, bevel angle of miter saw, automobile test and repair and so on.


1.Large illuminated LCD.

2.Automatic LCD backlight.

3.Absolute and relative measurements.

4.Digital dispaly reads in degrees.

5.Numbers invert for working overhead.

6.Magnetic base.

7.With absolute level sensor, can instantly avaliable, no need to calibrate by yourself.


1.Setting pitch angle of helicopter.

2.Setting blade angle of Miter Saws.

3.Setting blade angle of Circular Saws.

4.Tool setting on Lathes.

5.Setting workpiece angle for milling.

6.Drainage angles and run off slopes.

7.Grader and tractor work alignment.

8.Platform monitoring.


Order No.RangeAccuracyL*H*W(mm)Weight(g)Remarks
XB-904*90°0.2°59*59*2870Two keys
XB-180S0±180°0.2°59*59*2870Three keys


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