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TIMM Measuring Control Tech Co. Ltd, a promising brand of major original design & equipment manufacturer of measuring instruments in China. Located in Guilin Information Industrial Park, TIMM specializes in developing and manufacturing high-end original measuring instruments and special designed measuring tools such as precision step gauge block, digital caliper, digital micrometer to meet client needs.

Expert measuring solutions & precision tools to make measurement easy! TIMM is dedicated to original technology, client needs driving, excellent tools productions, high efficiency measurement, reliable quality control and lower measuring cost!

With over 20 rich experience and talent in the industry, TIMM team have created a list of standard reference measuring instruments like step gauge block for machine positioning, calipers checking, and more caliper, micrometer, gauge, angle tool as good as their foreign equivalents.

Especially, Our plane gap gauges are most popular in China's car assembly and mold processing industry. Digital scale unit is the first choice for machinery upgrading. Measuring display indicators are high-end product in China. Angle measuring tools are playing a key role on the trade.

With a professional manufacturing process and strict calibration, test, inspection, quality TIMM tools have been exported to Japan, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, USA and more countries....

Tel: 0773-8990101
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Professional manufacturer specializes in digital calipers, depth & height gauge, eletronical indicators & micrometers, inclinometers, bar levels, scale unit and more measuring instruments & tools