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TIMM Measuring & Control Tech Co., Ltd is one of China's promising brand of major original design manufacturer (ODM) of measuring instruments. TIMM specializes in quality and precision measuring tools including Vernier and Digital Calipers, Micrometers, Depth, Height & Thickness Gauges, Dial & Digital Indicators, as well as designs tailor-made atypical measuring instruments on clients' special requirements.

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Company Name:

TIMM Measuring & Control Tech Co., Ltd

Address: #150, Bantangwei, Qixing District,

Guilin,Guangxi P.R China 541004

Fax: +86-773-8990202
Contact PersonTeresa Lin
Email: timmcn@outlook.com; timmcn@163.com

Any further details or questions about products, do not hesitate to fill in the blank and submit. We will give a response as soon as possible.
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Tel: 0773-8990101
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Professional manufacturer specializes in digital calipers, depth & height gauge, eletronical indicators & micrometers, inclinometers, bar levels, scale unit and more measuring instruments & tools