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Digital Indicator
Digital Indicator

> Large LCD for easy-reading. > Zero-setting at any position. > Inch/Metric system conversion at any position. > Data hold and fast tracing MAX/MIN value are optional. > Data output.


1. Large LCD for easy-reading.
2.·Zero-setting at any position.
3.Inch/Metric system conversion at any position.
4·Data hold and fast tracing MAX/MIN value are optional.
5.Data output.


Range(mm/in)Order No.ResolutionLimit ErrorRemarksLugback
0-12.7mm3101-120.01mm±0.02mm 3 Keys optional
0-25.4mm3101-250.01mm±0.02mm 3 Keys optional
0-30mm3101-300.01mm±0.02mm3 Keys optional
0-50.8mm3101-500.01mm±0.02mm 3 Keys optional
0-12.7mm3101-12M0.01mm±0.02mm5 keysoptional
0-25.4mm3101-25M0.01mm±0.02mm5 keysoptional
0-30mm3101-30M0.01mm±0.02mm5 keysoptional
0-50.8mm3101-50M0.01mm±0.02mm5 keysoptional
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