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Inclinometer & Clinometer
Inclinometer & Clinometer

> 4×90°measurement. > Widely used in angle measurement in auto industry, building industry and drilling machinery, etc.. > Display always reads upright, no matter which way the level is turned. > Simple calibration requires no special fixtures. > Versatile measuring tool, angle finder, protractor and level three in one. > One 3V Cr2032 lithium battery .

An inclinometer or clinometer is an instrument for measuring angles of slope (or tilt), elevation or depression of an object with respect to gravity.


1.4× 90 degree measurement. 

2. Display always read upright, no matter which Way the level is turned.

3. Widely used in angle measurement for various application industry including the auto industry, building industry, drilling industry. 

4. Precision machined Aluminum framework.

5. Simple calibration Requiring no special Fixtures.

6. Versatile measuring tool, angle finder. Protractor. Lever three in one. 

7.3V lithium battery 2000 Hours in continous use. 


Order No.ResolutionAccuracyLength×H×W(mm)Magnet
4109-1C0.1°0.2°  162×60×33YES

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